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Candice Marie McArthur (neé Flippo-Levens) / Ciem is a superheroine in the series Sodality as well as the Origins and Fallout stories Ciem: Inferno and Sniperbadger: Fall of the Critter Resistance. She is a founding member of the Sodality of Gerosha. Candi is one of several incarnations of Ciem throughout the Gerosha multiverse, this one in particular being part of the continuity known as Cataclysmic Gerosha.

Cataclysmic Candi is part of a group of freedom fighters that have escaped tyranny in Ameristan, later defending the nation of Toklisana from the notorious Hebbleskin Gang and later, the Society of the Icy Finger. In spite training from early on to be a hero, she has frequently had misunderstandings with the law. She has also faced harassment repeatedly by corrupt law enforcement, as well as her half-brother Darius. This has led to her also having an extensive "criminal" record - which complicates her life further.

She has been portrayed by a few DeviantArt models, most notably Lee Loo La.

Powers, accessories, and weaknesses


Most of Candi's abilities as Ciem pertain in some fashion to her centipede-like physiology, subverted only in the fact that she still has (mostly) human anatomy.

  • Centuition: Limited precognition as well as ability to stalk prey for a limited range even without immediate eyesight. Similar to spider-sense. She dodges bullets after hearing a "phantom scream" sensation that lets her know exactly which direction a bullet is coming from. She can also sense recent sexual activity in others.
  • Accelerated healing: At the cost of some of her stamina, Candi can regenerate tissue quickly, depending on the severity of injury. When she takes Remotach pills, this extends to the ability to reattach limbs - or even her own head - for a limited time (usually 30 minutes.) Less-serious wounds, however, tend to take longer to heal, depending on the location and type of wound. However, she can heal from most injuries in a day and a half tops.
  • Enhanced speed, strength, endurance, metabolism, jumping, and agility: She can dodge most attacks, run fast enough long enough to keep up with a car going 25 MPH for 3 minutes, can lift a single-seat smart car with some effort, and last up to two hours in a fight without backup or breaks in action. She is also very prone to staying fit and active, and can eat normal amounts of food for someone her size and weight without much fear of gaining weight. She is also able to return to a healthy, athletic weight very quickly after completing a term of pregnancy. She weighs 122 pounds, but can push or lift nearly half a ton out of her way if she needs to. At 5'4", she's not very tall. She has a BMI of about 20.6, making her most similar in BMI to Marvel's Black Widow in spite being three inches shorter[1]. She can jump a full story at a time if she needs to, but is outclassed by Jackrabbit's ability to jump 2-1/2 stories in one bound and Meerkat's ability to jump tall skyscrapers.
  • Constriction: Candi can wrap herself around most human enemies and cut off their breathing, similarly to how a centipede can wrap its body around prey.
  • Centilegs: Short stingers that protrude from her upper wrists, shoulders, hips, thighs, and lower calves. They contain a venom that is comparable to bee or hornet venom, which can incapacitate someone. Enough stings can cause temporary paralysis, making it easier for her to subdue adversaries.


Courtesy of her godfather Imaki, Candi has a variety of tools in her Ciem arsenal as well. However, some of the equipment consists of variations on Zeran technology that SCALLOP scientists had in their possession, and wished to keep a secret from local law enforcement in Gerosha. Candi's inability to keep some of this stuff a secret forever gets her into considerable trouble.

  • Dart shooters: These glorified "staple guns" contain numerous staples which can be fired at enemies, allowing for limited capabilities for ranged combat. The staples are marinated in a solution that mimics the chemistry of Candi's centileg venom. They allow her to remain hidden in shadows for longer. A regular-size wrist packet of dart shooters gives her 250 staples per wrist, whereas a large pack can carry up to 500 staples but at the expense of costing her the ability to keep their location discreet.
  • Zeran wardrobes: Quantum storage packages that enable her to store and change clothes quickly. They are modeled after the Zeran technology that was first developed by the Marlquaanite Lord Zeras in the second century AD. It is her failure to keep Gerosha police from finding these in her backpack that gets her arrested in Ciem: Inferno, as they initially mistake her devices for bomb equipment during a state of emergency - when all teens not obeying curfew are assumed to be members of the Pyro Panther gang. She is able to hold wardrobes inside wardrobes up to three layers down, even having a special hair pin "Z-Ward" that she is able to hide from most detection by wearing it near the back of her neck beneath a few layers of hair. She only utilizes this in situations where her normal Zeran wardrobes would be impractical to utilize, such as when captured. Zeran wardrobes' main function is to allow her to have a Ciem costume ready to go whenever she needs it in a moment's notice, in spite not being able to get away with wearing one all the time everywhere underneath her civilian clothes.
  • Zeran teleporters: Battery-powered devices that allow her to move from one place to another quickly, though her small-size models are very short-range. She can transport about two football fields tops in distance, though she usually teleports shorter distances to preserve battery life. Combined with roof-hopping, she uses Zeran teleporters to get around town when nobody is able to fly her across.
  • Night vision eyepieces: Some variants of her mask also allow for a switch that activates night vision in her eyepieces, letting her see the world around her better at night. Otherwise, her mask eyepiece lenses are made of a material that contains dichroic filtration; which allows her to see in full color while those viewing her mask will see into the mask with a thick green tint.
  • Remotach pills: A Marlquaan-bound drug developed by a scientist with help from the Phaelites. Imaki made sure to supply Candi with plenty of these, in the event of capture. With Remotach, she is able to reattach severed limbs - including her own head - while remote-controlling her severed body parts. Remotach also helps prevent excessive blood loss. The preserved pill takes 50 years to expire. Once consumed, it takes a half hour to work at full efficiency. It stays functional in the body an additional 3 hours if nothing happens. If someone loses a body part, such as being beheaded, there is a half-hour period in which the drug will remain effective. If the individual does not reattach their missing body parts within that window, lifelong dismemberment or death may occur. If the individual does reattach, then the drug will quickly fade in effectiveness. Another pill will be needed to avoid further risk of death via dismemberment. Her first time using this was also the time a Hebbleskin mole in SCALLOP injected Bezeetol in her for testing her centuition reflexes. She was able to reattach her own head, proving the drug worked. The mole was quickly dealt with.

She has made a habit of taking Remotach before going into any battle in which risk of dismemberment or decapitation is highly likely ever since, though it has only proven necessary on three occasions since. While she was under Bezeetol influence when captured in South Bend along with Dolly, she didn't have any. Which is why she feared she would die in South Bend if the electrical power failure hadn't happened seconds before Affadidah's men were to carry out her execution.


  • Bezeetol: Candi is susceptible to the drug Bezeetol. In this version, it is a special sedative manufactured specifically to dampen the powers of Phexos and render them dizzy and confused. It is short-lived in its effects, but will tranquilize her if she is shot with it successfully.
  • Pregnancy / birth control: Like with every version since Despair Candi, Cataclysmic Candi is particularly susceptible to her powers being dampened if she gets pregnant. This becomes a source of internal conflict for her, as she looks forward to having children. Due to how most birth control pills work, this means that she cannot be on birth control either.
  • MPF containment: Since the Marlquaan is indirectly responsible for how Phexos are able to get their abilities, she is also susceptible to being trapped in MPF fields. However, Emwaults are more directly tied to the Marlquaan. This means that Donte is even more susceptible to imprisonment. Any Marlquaanite she meets, however, is going to have a direct bond, and be the most susceptible. This means that her non-Phexo and non-Marlquaanite friends are essential teammates in reducing her likelihood of capture.
  • Distraction: Candi's personal conflict between her faith-related beliefs and her past rape trauma have left her vulnerable to troubling thoughts. This can be exploited by reminding her of her conflicting desires between the woman of character she wants to be, and the desire to erase her trauma with positive memories and a family; to bring her out of a moment or tempt her to make poor decisions.
  • Cannot climb walls: Despite being merged with lithobius forficatus, which can climb walls; Ciem does not natively have this ability. At the expense of using up her Zeran teleporter batteries too soon, she must rely on Zeran teleportation to compensate for what she lacks in wallcrawling. When out on missions with Emeraldon, she relies on his powers of flight to save battery power, and to leap more than one story of a building at a time.

Character bio

Note: The following is a condensed version of Candi's biography. For the intricately-detailed version, see her extended biography.

Candi was born to Stan and Shalia Flippo on September 9th of 1999, along with her triplet sisters Miriam and Marina. While most of the family was overjoyed at the girls' arrival, Reily and Darius were uneasy with the arrangement when they learned that Candi's Centhuen Prototype code was active. The girls were raised in a very traditional family home setting until they were 7 years old, when Stan and Shalia were murdered by the Hebbleskin Gang in a staged road rage incident. One of the assassins involved was Gunner Soorfelt, who would later become a foot soldier for Duke Arfaas along with his younger brother Skellig.

Realizing the complicated family situation that Candi was in, her godfather Imaki Izuki applied for joint custody of her, along with her older sister Erin. This was seen as a beneficial thing for Erin as well, as she was struggling with various mental health issues and the stress of training Candi would be too much. However, Imaki also felt a bond with Miriam and Marina, and helped them cultivate their talents as well.

At the age of 12, Candi was one of the first to be given Remotach pills as part of a SCALLOP experiment. While the researchers went too far by also giving her Bezeetol, she survived the experiment. She added Remotach to her personal inventory. However, Darius' reluctance to condemn the experiment that nearly killed Candi set off a sense of alarm in both Candi and Imaki that Darius was not telling them everything.

Later that same year, she was betrayed by her ex-boyfriend Don Mendoza when he conspired with a band of female bullies at Gerosha Middle School to rape Candi while she was alone in a shower stall at school. She manifested her abilities, fighting off Don and sending him running into the arms of Hebbleskins - who would experiment on him to turn him into the vampire-like Don the Psycho. The trauma forever changed Candi, awakening in her a desire to replace the horrible tragedy in her mind with a positive sexual experience - even if it conflicted with her personal sense of morality. She feared to report the rape to anyone other than Imaki, since Erin didn't allow the girls to date. She was also so horrified by her experience with Don, that she would have occasional flashbacks. Yet, she was too ashamed to report this either.

When Marina is similarly assaulted in a ditch by a boy from school named Fred ambushing her on her way home to school, Candi creates a crude centipede costume suit and beats Fred up to avenge Marina's honor. Fred never learns the identity of his attacker. Imaki is informed, but he cautions Candi against seeking personal revenge. He decides to start training her to combat the increased Hebbleskin activity being reported around town, and makes her a slightly better suit. They begin training both in Gerosha and in Evansville to teach her the art of being a super-powered vigilante.

However, the endless harassment and hostile environment at Gerosha High School continues to create problems for Candi and her sisters. Marina finds herself constantly taken advantage of by boys at school, though she develops a love for indie music and attempts to join a band to keep herself from feeding the urge to sleep around. Miriam joins a band of online vigilantes called the Critter Resistance Network, each of them codenamed after forest animals, so that she can fight the baddies that Candi can't touch. Candi and Miriam form a special bond as vigilante counter-terror experts working in secret, but as sisters as well. This is in spite the fact that Erin has almost full custody of Miriam and Marina, not Candi.

While finding her classmates generally intolerable, there is one who routinely sticks up for Candi: Danny Loffin. The two of them grow very close, sharing their darkest secrets with each other until they discover they both have a huge crush on one another as well. In spite being forbidden by Erin to date, if she wishes to live in Erin's house at any point in time, Candi secretly takes up dating Danny. At school, Candi and Miriam begin taking the blame for some of Marina's indiscretions, sparing Marina from direct scorn but also resulting in all three girls being treated like "sluts" by classmates, with only Danny to stick up for Candi. The relationship begins blooming over the months, even as Candi has to pretend that she and Danny are "just friends" when Erin is around.

Candi seems to get along well with Danny's relatively conservative family as well: Richard, Megan, and Roger Loffin. However, things are put to the test when the Hebbleskins and their Gleeful-N'-Young operation team up with a local street gang in Gerosha dubbed the "Pyro Panthers." Candi and her friends scheme to put down the Panthers, learn who their Hebbleskin supplier is, and expose them to police. Candi and Imaki make their own plans for what to do if any more Meethexo monsters show up to defend the thugs. In spite knowing better, the young couple have a hard time resisting the urge to engage in foreplay-like acts; often stopping just shy of actual sex. In early October of 2015, this graduates to them purchasing condoms and going to lengths to hide what they are doing even as they begin having protected sex frequently behind everyone else's back. They resolve that they one day wish to have unprotected sex and get it out of their system - no matter the risk - and begin plotting when they believe will be the best day and time to do so without getting caught. They resolve that they will simply get married of a pregnancy occurs. Imaki suspects that Candi is sexually active, and calls her out on it. However, he does little to stop her from continuing down that path. He also decides not to tell Erin.

Ciem: Inferno


Candi is arrested on allegations of arson.

Main article: Ciem: Inferno

Candi and Danny continue working with Miriam on a way to get the jump on the Pyro Panther gang and put an end to them, but they run into some trouble when they find themselves mostly unsupervised. Richard and Megan head out to Oregon, where Richard has been offered a new job as a logger. Danny fears this could lead to him being moved to Oregon, which would force him and Candi to break up. Imaki heads to Japan to help Mukade out. Erin leaves town to help Meredith Celestine with a 4H-related project they were both invited to be a part of. Marina and Anthony Wellings begin auditions to help Marina join an indie rock band. After Roger irritates some Pyro Panthers, the group vows revenge. However, the Hebbleskins send Frank Morvel of Gleeful-N'-Young a gift in the form of Lava Tigre, a fire-tiger monster that can help him defend the Panthers upon recruiting them to join the Hebbleskin cause. They begin a campaign of terror, setting fire to various buildings across Gerosha and even expanding into Evansville. The Evansville division keeps Emeraldon busy trying to find a way to eliminate it, though he and his mentor Kilmington fail to connect all the dots and know the problem traces back to Gerosha. On Frank Morvel's trail the entire time is the Purge-Flare, still vowing to destroy Gleeful-N'-Young after Clyde Spendelworth tricked Chris into betraying Ashley Phillips to a brothel shortly after murdering Mark Stefflin a full six years ago. However, Purge-Flare runs into some trouble with his equipment, a problem exacerbated when local authorities mistake him for Extirpon.

Amidst the chaos, a new curfew is placed on Gerosha streets and the mayor considers a full-scale state of emergency being declared. This doesn't stop Candi from visiting Danny after school on October 15th of 2015. They initially get together to study, unaware of the new curfew. However, Roger finds himself being chased by Panthers who wish to kill him and burn down his family's house, leading to him being late coming home. His efforts to keep them away from the house prove to be in vain. Lacking supervision, Danny and Candi give in to temptation and carry out their long-planned sexual endeavor. However, the Panthers attack right as Candi and Danny are finishing up. Roger arrives just in time to flee for safety along with Candi and Danny, whom he scolds over their indiscretion. The Loffin brothers go one way to reach a motel, and Candi goes another direction to find a place to change into her centipede costume.

Three police cars spot Candi in the parking lot before she can get her backpack off. She is arrested on suspicion of being a Pyro Panther gang member, though she insists she was simply fleeing the neighborhood during the attack. They discover her Zeran wardrobes in her backpack, and mistake it for bomb-making equipment. She slips up and explains what Zeran wardrobes are to locals, something SCALLOP has forbidden her to do. Realizing she has said too much, she surrenders. After two days of putting up with an irritating classmate named Phoebe Gadbury in the Gerosha City Jail, Candi is arraigned in juvenile court. Judge Richard Deckinson temp-adjudicates her to Madison Correctional for 8 days to await her trial for arson. She is disappointed in her incompetent public defender, James Lonsil.

In spite wishing to get out quickly to help her friends and family, Candi has too much respect for her belief in what the system is supposed to be to plot an escape. She befriends her cellmate Nancy Hizra, who was sent there for accidentally poisoning a poodle. She also befriends Cassidy Yarn. Candi initially finds herself in the middle of a rivalry with the prison gang leader Amirah "Flintirah" Rose, who was also in on arson charges and claimed to be a Phexo with fire powers. Candi and Amirah eventually put aside their differences and join forces to save the facility after the guard Lonny Factor proves to be a Hebbleskin spy bent on killing (or recruiting) all the Phexo, Meethexo, and Marlquaanite prisoners. Amirah learns she is actually a Marlquaanite, and agrees to Candi's advice to apply for SCALLOP to take her case. Factor poisons Amirah with adrenaline to make her burn down the entire prison, but Candi is able to help Amirah regain control long enough to redirect the energy back at Factor. Grateful for Candi's help, Amirah promises not to be a bully ever again. Candi promises to work on not making snap judgements about others. Candi is sent to court, and is quickly acquitted of the arson charges. She is also thanked for saving lives in Madison. However, she's informed that she's due back in court in a month regarding her slip-up reveal of classified information.

She discovers that, in fear, Miriam and Danny had teamed up with the Purge-Flare to fight back against Lava Tigre. Miriam directs her to the suspected location of a Gleeful-N'-Young hideout, where Lava Tigre is placed on guard duty along with Frank Morvel. Frank's threatening to kill the hostages - including a Gerosha city cop - leads to Candi having to break off her battle with Lava Tigre. The Purge-Flare arrives to resume his battle with the monster, coming out victorious. Candi rescues as many hostages as she can, but is caught with her mask off by the officer. She lets the officer be the one to kill Morvel, and the officer agrees with the sentiments of the hostages to let Candi go free after Candi assures him she's due back in court anyway. Purge-Flare finishes off Lava Tigre, then seeks out Miriam's help in fleeing the city. The Pyro Panthers are disbanded and the Hebbleskins fall back away from Gerosha.

Candi is convicted in court of leaking classified secrets, and is sent to an alternating house arrest / jail term of 8 months. Danny is informed that his family will be moving to Oregon, as he and Candi tearfully break up - but promise to remember each other fondly. In December of 2015, Candi turns herself in to serve her first month at Madison, her winter break gone. To prevent police from erroneously charging Candi with aiding the Purge-Flare, Miriam turns herself in and is sent to the Warrick County Jail. SCALLOP agent Randy Lapborn works on the case for both Candi and Miriam, relaying information to Imaki and Erin as well - and ensuring that Imaki has rights to visit both girls and learn what all has happened while he was in Japan.

Sniperbadger: Fall of the Critter Resistance

Main article: Sniperbadger: Fall of the Critter Resistance

Candi learns she is pregnant with Danny's child, but she miscarries. She informs her local pastor about as much of her situation as she feels safe sharing with him, but begs him not to tell Imaki nor Erin about the pregnancy. He agrees not to. She also learns from a TV newsfeed about the destruction in Little Rock and Boston; and on how the White House was more interested in trying to capture Extirpon than they were in stopping Halal Affadidah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Society of the Icy Finger from destroying Boston. She is also informed that Amirah and Miriam both get transferred to SCALLOP Juvenile Containment Center, and why each of them gets transferred. Another news clip reveals to her that a certain Hea Pang is taken into SCALLOP custody for questioning regarding her role with the Gray Champion in stopping Brackett and Hibbins from destroying Little Rock - as well as her possible role in a jailbreak in Boston.

After winter break, Candi is sent back to Gerosha to attend school with a S'Poling-capable tether on her right ankle. She does her best to hide it from classmates, as she gets used to the idea of being a crimefighter (in spite society mistaking her for a criminal.) She is sent back to Madison for her spring break, but let back out afterward. She finishes her semester, and spends the rest of her summer vacation in Madison. She is released from her tether at the end of December of 2016, relieved to have Miriam also back in her life. More Hebbleskin threats arrive in the city, and she resumes training under Imaki wearing an improved version of her centipede suit.

Rise of the Affadidah regime

Candi learns upon Miriam's release of the various adventures that Miriam had while in SJCC. Both of them are happy for the Gray Champion and his support staff. Yet, they are both saddened to learn that Amirah died on a mission; as Miriam had befriended Amirah at SJCC. The girls attempt to integrate back into their pre-Inferno event lives; yet they run into some difficulty. Candi, feeling remorseful yet still conflicted, confesses to Imaki that she had sex with Danny.

Imaki attempts to cheer Candi up, yet warns her about the spread of Halal Affadidah's "Ameristan." Indiana could be one of many states targeted for integration as the United States rapidly falls apart. He informs her that if Affadidah gets his way, Candi will have to relocate to get married. However, she could elope in secret if she finds a man worthy of her and with God on his mind. Candi vows to aim for such a man, and to not choose just anyone. Imaki starts keeping Candi at his place more often, knowing how bad things could get if Erin discovered too soon what Candi was hiding. He warns Candi that even with grace at maximum, there would have to be consequences of her past choices. She accepts this as an inevitability. However, her longing to erase her trauma with Don still haunts her, tempting her to scheme a way to replace the negative memory with a positive one.

Marina begins to have difficulty keeping her addictions a secret, and finds Miriam and Candi to be of little help. She finally meets Matt, who is able to help her and becomes completely devoted to her. The wealthy son of a car dealer, Matt is set to relocate the family business to the new "Toklisana" that is forming in response to the growth of Ameristan. However, he and Marina grow impatient due to the increased difficulty they have with getting married. Marina becomes pregnant, and Erin kicks her out of the house. Marina flees with Matt and his family to Toklisana, where she marries and gives birth to Andy Baret. Angry with Erin for exiling Marina, Miriam rebels and moves in with a boyfriend: Phil Couric. They begin plotting their own marriage plans, and how they can make things right as Phil and his family plot to move to California - now under Chinese control as China was forced to invade to recover its debt before the Hebbleskins and Affadidah made that impossible. The Hebbleskins take as many states of the crumbling nation as they can, and form "Netheel" as a stronghold for Duke Arfaas. Arfaas and Affadidah form a truce to not attack each other; but to work together to invade Toklisana repeatedly and destroy it before addressing "Chimerica." They also come up with schemes to rid their own territories - and Toklisana - of all altered humans that could pose a threat to either of their regimes. SCALLOP is forced to begin relocating its bases of operation out of Toklisana, and representatives for the Affadidah regime provide SCALLOP with several protocols in order to ensure safe exile.

Candi decides to remain with Erin half the time out of sympathy, and is uneasy about dating as she wants to be sure the next man to enter her life can be a worthy successor to Danny. After she and Imaki are attacked at a convention center by the regime, they run into Rev. Tyler Kilmington and his understudy: a certain Donte "Emeraldon" McArthur. They are unable to save Kilmington during the massacre that ensues when the regime ambushes the event. However, they are able to subdue firepower with Candi and Donte's help long enough to minimize casualties. Feeling bad for Tyler, Imaki agrees to take in Donte - who has just lost his mother and is now without a home.

It only takes a few weeks in 2018 of Candi and Donte interacting, before the two of them begin to realize that they were meant to be together. Candi's struggles for self-control become stronger than ever. As Erin has to leave for more mental hospital treatment, Candi finds herself alone house-sitting. One evening, this leads to her deciding to watch a football game instead of stay home. Donte meets up with her at the football game, and the two of them discuss their plans for life and the future - as well as what to do concerning registering as Toklisanans so they can finally move away from Ameristan even as Affadidah's laws become more draconian.

Donte informs Candi that laws are becoming tougher, making marriage of non-Muslims almost impossible to make legal, official, and public. Stories are coming in that Toklisanans leaving Ameristan peacefully are now being betrayed by Hebbleskin spies and Ameristani guards at the border, and are either shot dead or arrested and sent to death camps rather than allowed to leave peacefully. He also informs her that industry is suffering. Lambrelli Labs, for example, had successfully relocated to Oklahoma right before Affadidah reneged on his promises and started turning Ameristan into a giant prison state.

There are also rumors that Don the Psycho has returned, along with Gunner and Skellig Soorfelt. They are terrorizing those who did make it into Toklisana. The full extent of Arfaas' diabolical plans has yet to be revealed. Yet...SCALLOP is restricted in how it may act. Another organization is infiltrating the Toklisanan government, and has sinister plans of its own. They just aren't sure which one yet. Imaki is building underground bunkers in case of the worst, and is networking with others to form the "Exodus Agenda" in case Affadidah implements his full sinister plan of creating an energy dome at his national borders with Hebbleskin tech. A rebel force would be needed to aid the exodus of all those Affadidah is plotting genocide against; in which Candi and Donte would be necessary to foil these plans. They discover that, for the time being, Marina and Matt are safely in Toklisana. Miriam and the Courics, however, are still behind enemy lines. An effort by Candi to contact Miriam is frustrated when the regime decides to assassinate the personnel behind Miriam's phone service provider.

In legal trouble...again

Candi and Donte decide to turn to each other for comfort amidst the chaos, and Donte flies Candi to Erin's house. The two quickly lose interest in the football game. However, their insecurities and temptations get the best of them and they have sex. After Candi completes some homework, she and Donte aim the following Saturday to have sex again. They spend most of an afternoon intimately in each other's arms; but are given a rude surprise when SCALLOP Agent Marion Wevenil shows up in the living room. Candi is informed that she was supposed to be in Evansville on Friday night for a mandatory medical exam ordered by the regime. Candi was not informed of this, as Erin had thrown away Candi's mail carelessly. After she is allowed to contact Imaki, Candi allows Marion to arrest her. She is issued a 2-week special, and kept at the SCALLOP of Evansville Jail. Donte promises to visit Candi often, vowing he never wants to find a reason to leave her side ever again. She is touched by his devotion. Marion learns that Donte is five years older than Candi, and warns him that for the sake of appearances, he should avoid having sex with her again until she has graduated from high school.

Ashamed of his own lack of self-control, and wishing to lift Candi's spirits, he seeks out a minister who will elope them in Evansville. The regime decides that Emeraldon is their new biggest threat, and they send a strike team to assassinate Donte. However, Donte is able to thwart capture in spite one of his attackers having MPF technology. Candi spends her time in jail befriending "Slip-" Sadie Klink, who was taken in on involuntary manslaughter charges after an accident led to the death of her ex-boyfriend. The slightly-older Marlquaanite quickly becomes a "big sister" / "aunt" figure to Candi, and warns Candi of how bad Affadidah's regime is becoming in states to the east of Indiana.

Candi decides after she gets out to stop hiding her criminal history from her classmates, and instead uses it to intimidate bullies into leaving her alone. This doesn't stop them from deducing that she and Donte had slept together, and they nearly provoke her to violence by calling Donte her "creepy old guy." Miriam hacks the bullies and destroys their connections to the school's server, making it difficult for those girls to turn in their homework.

Unofficially married

Candi and Donte decide to elope in secret in the presence of Rev. Eric Timbleton and Imaki Izuki. Candi regrets that she could not let Erin attend, as Erin was being treated at the time. Imaki reminds the couple that if they survive and make it to Toklisana, they will have to remarry - since their marriage in Ameristan will no longer be legally recognized by Toklisanan authorities. They are encouraged not to let anyone know about their "marriage" until they are safely out of Ameristan - least of all the regime, which has now banned "kafir" marriages as part of its slow genocide campaign.

All the same, Donte finds an abandoned house to move into with Candi. The couple waste little time consummating their "marriage," though they debate whether they should start having children right away.


Erin gets out just in time to witness Candi and Miriam receive their diplomas from Gerosha High, although the girls were denied their honor roll status for political reasons. Miriam assures her family that she and Phil will be married just as soon as they can find a safe passage to California. It is on this day that the regime launches its full-scale raid on all of southern Indiana, however. Candi confesses to Erin that she married Donte in secret, and promises to move her things out of Erin's house as soon as possible. Erin grows angry with Candi, but agrees to let Candi go with Donte to respond to the regime's assault on Gerosha.

It is during this battle that Donte suggests that Candi refer to her "Project: Ciempies" suits as "Ciem" for short, and she agrees to the title for her alter-ego. While Ciem and Emeraldon do save many lives, Gerosha is left in ruins. The regime continues its offensive on other parts of the state soon afterward, and the Exodus Agenda is born in that spring of 2019. Candi and Donte's house is later discovered by the regime, and the couple are forced to move into an underground bunker with Imaki. Erin is hesitant to also move into the bunker, though that means Candi must visit her periodically to ensure her safety.

The Exodus Agenda's worst fears are realized when Affadidah and Arfaas really do erect a "wall" around the outskirts of Ameristan - to trap everyone inside that the regime has decided should no longer be allowed to leave. It's confirmed that SCALLOP personnel made it out, but they are unable to get back in. A move made on the Courics by the regime results in them having to flee to Illinois to avoid being slaughtered. Miriam is unable to get her hands on some of the comm system equipment that Imaki and his peers have scraped together, thus cutting off Candi and Miriam from each other. Imaki warns Candi and Donte not to get too hasty about finding Miriam, as the enemy now has MPF generators. They must be careful not to draw too much attention to themselves. Donte admits to Candi that he cannot possibly fathom what losing Miriam must be like for Candi. Candi assures him that if he ever lost her, he'd know how it felt.

To keep them occupied, Imaki assigns them on missions to look for backup hackers who can disable the Wall - in case they can't find Miriam. He also informs the couple that someone of interest - a certain Jeraime Malestrom from Malestrom Industries - was captured by the Hebbleskins according to intel. He was working on a "Project: Musaran" for SCALLOP that could enable a man to kill most Phexos efficiently. He had also entrusted his "Earwig" project to Darius for safekeeping, until he had found the perfect woman to don the suit. Rumor had it that he not only found her, but that he and that woman got along to the point that he married her. If so, finding the missing "Dolly" Malestrom would be a top priority if they wished to know more about what the Hebbleskins wanted with Jeraime. Donte was sent on a side quest to knock out the power at many of the death camps that the regime was setting up, while freeing as many prisoners as he could. He was given advice on how to avoid MPF generators. Candi was sent to Evansville to search for Dolly.


Main article: Sodality: Instigation

By this point in the timeline, it is early September of 2019. Candi is approaching her 20th birthday. However, she and Donte have had to go in different directions to fulfill their missions. Imaki runs comms for both of them. They know that Dolly went missing only a few days ago. Candi is ambushed by Hebbleskin raiders near the site of what was believed to be Jeraime and Dolly's home in the remains of Evansville. Injected with enough Bezeetol to knock her unconscious, Candi passes out for a lengthy period of time. The Hebbleskins agree to hand her over to the regime - but only if they will deliver her head to Duke Arfaas when they are done with her. The regime take her away to a death camp in South Bend, where they hold her prisoner in a cell next to Dolly. The two girls are regularly drugged and gassed with Bezeetol, to keep them from regaining their full strength. Candi discovers that over the course of their stay, Dolly has been raped a grand total of 15 times by the regime - once by Affadidah himself, even.

The two are led to a room along with a young woman named Yamanik, who is beheaded in front of them on a block clearly already soaked in the blood of numerous other victims. The girls see a ditch not far from the execution site, filled with corpses of other women. Seconds before Candi and Dolly are to be executed, the power goes out and the lights in the execution room grow dim. They don't realize that this is due to Donte having tampered with the power grid in South Bend - while he is also unaware of which death camp Candi is in. With her strength returning from being away from the drugs just long enough, Candi uses the distraction to get herself out of the way of her executioner's ax. She begins fighting back, and the two executioners begin ignoring Dolly so they can attempt to subdue Candi. She uses her centuition to get the best of them in the darkness. His emotions getting the best of him, Donte lucks out and destroys the South Bend facility's only MPF generator before it can be used on him. He proceeds to go on a rampage in the facility, tearing it apart and caring more about killing regime staff than about saving prisoners.

The girls, unaware Donte is behind all the chaos, flee naked into the night. Candi ambushes some regime soldiers that have taken for themselves supplies stolen from a war-destroyed pharmacy. She uses the supplies taken from the soldiers she kills to treat Dolly's various medical needs. After informing Dolly of the Exodus Agenda and Dolly explaining Project: Musaran and Project: Earwig back to Candi; the girls resolve to travel back to Evansville by any means necessary to find whatever treasure it is that the Hebbleskins failed to recover from the house they destroyed. Dolly shows concern at first about how much stealing and killing they may have to do. Candi reminds Dolly that they're at war, and that they're both already criminals anyway.

The two of them find themselves on several adventures as they journey to Evansville, often stealing from dilapidated and abandoned farms. They become quite adept at stealing cars too, but are quick to abandon them when the regime grows suspicious. They begin arming themselves with regime weaponry as well. However, one evening hiding at an abandoned farm property leads them to an encounter with Jawknee. In spite their best efforts, Jawknee's control over bird life makes her too powerful for the girls to defeat on their own. They eventually trick Jawknee and regime soldiers into fighting each other, and use that as a diversion to escape.

A frustrated Dolly returns home, only to find that the only treasure that didn't get found was the Gerosha Stone. She warns Candi that if the Hebbleskins reprogram the Musaran suit AI, it could imprison Jeraime inside and turn him into a terrible threat to the Exodus Agenda. The girls further find papers left behind by the Hebbleskins that captured Candi originally, detailing that Don the Psycho had been sent to terrorize pro-Phexo Toklisanans in the Houston area. Of note was a particular Leaper Phexo Apache that seemed to blame Don for the disappearance of his girlfriend, and was involved in a constant game of cat-and-mouse with Don.

Suspecting a trap, the girls flee the Evansville area and make their way back toward Gerosha. They discover that Affadidah has started punishing his lesser-favored troops by injecting them with a mixture of krokodil and other drugs to take away their inhibitions and their humanity, while making them look more like zombies to terrify their victims. A horrified Dolly remarks: "Because we absolutely needed a zombie apocalypse on top of it all!" When their efforts to save a handful of small children from a makeshift slaughterhouse set up by the regime backfires, Candi is able to get control of a radio long enough to send out a distress signal to Imaki. Imaki informs Donte of the location, and he flies straight there in his Emeraldon suit. He easily dispatches of the regime troops, and escorts as many children to safety as possible. He then returns with the girls to Imaki's main bunker.

Dolly is put into the hands of various Exodus Agenda members, who need her to debrief them on events. Candi and Donte seize the opportunity of being alone together for the first time in almost two weeks to rekindle their "marriage." However, they are awakened the following day to the realization that the regime is dangerously close to guessing the location of Imaki's bunker. They also discover a row of innocents being lined up for a guillotine by regime troops. Candi provides a diversion while Donte rescues the prisoners, and Donte then rescues Candi before the regime can place her in the guillotine.

Candi is finally reunited with Donte, Imaki, and Dolly some time later, when reinforcements arrive to chase away regime guards. Imaki reminds his new pupils of the "Sodality Church" that he has been trying to create with the help of Rev. Wilbur Brocklyn, who is already in Houston awaiting everyone's arrival. Candi resolves that one of her goals must be to join Wilbur's church, and to start turning her life around from the various poor decisions she and her friends have made before.

Candi and her friends spend the remainder of the Instigation arc mostly on scavenger hunts or rescue missions. When the Exodus Agenda does finally get to move, however, she begins using her Ciem costumes more while Donte uses his Emeraldon costumes more. The two help with escorting Exodus Agenda members to the Wall to stage their plans. They manage to get past the Wall with the aid of a sudden hack from far away, which Candi deduces to mean that Miriam has somehow found a way - and learned of the events unfolding. Battling their way free of Ameristan proves to be only a part of the battle, however. The Exodus Agenda find themselves in a narrow passageway that separates Toklisana, Ameristan, and Netheel. The Hebbleskins are quickly alerted to the breach in Affadidah's wall, and descend upon the Exodus Agenda with extreme prejudice. Imaki intercepts a transmission concerning plans for himself and his pupils regarding what should be done with each of them in the event of being captured. The best efforts of Candi and her friends prove to be in vain, however. Imaki is shot dead while racing for the border into Toklisana. Donte gets captured by an MPF generator set to an especially high setting. Candi and Dolly manage to avoid this fate, but Candi warns Dolly to take some Remotach with her before attempting to approach the border.

They get cut off from the other Exodus members, and are soon discovered by some Toklisanan border patrol. The girls attempt to explain their situation to the border patrol agents, but learn too late that the agents are really Hebbleskin spies. They are gassed with Bezeetol and then injected with it, making them unable to fight back. The girls are quickly hauled away into a back room, with the double agents unaware that the Navyrope Society is rushing in and is on to them. Candi and Dolly are quickly stripped naked and set before chopping blocks. Candi prays that the Remotach will work for both herself and Dolly. She ends the season staring up through her basket to see an ax blade about to come down on Dolly, feeling weak and helpless in spite the Remotach keeping her alive.


Main article: Sodality: Adaptation

Candi and Dolly are loaded into the back of a van, their bodies being strung-up upside-down on racks and their heads still in baskets just out of reach. Their captors deduce that the girls were using Remotach, and taunt them that they are simply delaying the inevitability of death. The captors don't get far in their van before Navyrope intercepts them. The fight ends quickly, with Navyrope viciously slaughtering both of the Hebbleskin spies. He removes Candi and Dolly's bodies from the rack, and lets them reattach their own heads before the Remotach can wear off. He transports them to a secret Navyrope Society underground bunker to receive medical attention, and is astonished by their rates of recovery from what should have been fatal wounds. Candi even gives Dolly a transfusion once she is able to verify that their blood types are compatible, which accelerates Dolly's rate of healing. The two girls are sent to Austin to be properly initiated into Toklisanan society. Candi is allowed to change her last name to "Levens," but not to "McArthur." Dolly is informed that she must use her maiden name of Weiss until she can recover Jeraime and take his name properly in a Toklisanan wedding. The two girls vow to work together to bring down the Hebbleskins and strive to get their husbands back - or avenge them. Navyrope briefs them on what plans he has intercepted recently regarding the Hebbleskins' agenda for Texas. He also informs them of the Legends that are scattered about Toklisana: himself, Gray Champion, Extirpon, Pilltar, Mapacha, and Strawberry. Navyrope then leaves Candi and Dolly, and encourages them to collect Candi's fortune right away.

Candi collects her share of her parents' fortune by cashing in her bond check, which Imaki held on to. This suddenly makes her $3,000,000 richer, though she vows to adhere to her family's motto of "Always live beneath your means." She and Dolly quickly find Wilbur and connect with him. He offers the girls counseling and assists them in setting up shop for the greater "Sodality of Gerosha" dream he had planned. He doesn't inform them right away, however, that Jack "the Jackrabbit" Mercreek is part of that same operation. He also fails to inform them that Kyle "the Meerkat" Freneti and Charlotte "Mukade" Yamamura are remote operatives already - based in Louisiana.

The girls get established fairly quickly at the University of Houston. Candi is informed that she may have to eventually transfer to a school in Waco if she wishes to complete her degree in crime scene profiling. As Ciem, she begins rounding up small-time criminals rather quickly. Dolly's manning of the comms greatly assists. However, her civilian identity is mistaken for the drug smuggler Julia "La Scarabachonda" Milagro by local Houston police one day on her way to class. Refusing to believe her at first (or even check her ID,) Officer Lonny Grivolt has Candi arrested in the parking lot behind her dorm. She is able to prove her identity rather quickly at the police station, though they threaten to detain her on suspicions of using multiple identities. She seizes an opportunity to get away to slip into her Ciem costume. As Ciem, she helps bust the real Scarabachonda following a brief battle with the villain and her drug cartel. Lonny Grivolt continues to harass Candi even after she proves that she isn't Julia, however.

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  • Discuss:
    • Wayne the Vampire and Dolly saving Celia
    • First sighting of Don the Psycho
    • Rockpapsci
    • First battle as Ciem with Don the Psycho, and meeting Jackrabbit
    • Jackrabbit's friend is killed by Don
    • Jackrabbit and Team Ciem join forces: the first Sodality
    • Candi saves Laurie Pegol's life: fill-in comms operator for Miranda
    • Dolly discovers truth about Earwig outfit location
    • Phaletori attacks
    • Cupric wreaks havoc
    • Meerkat and Mukade help apprehend Cupric
    • Botan the Plant-Man arrives
    • Rescuing Emily: New scientist for team, and Team Botan officially joins Sodality
    • Learning about Beliah threat
    • Learning about True Centhuen army, and brief battle with some of them.
    • Conflicted romantic feelings in Candi of Donte vs. Jack
    • Learning of Musaran
    • Candi arrested by Lonny again
    • Trip to Mexico: Meeting Cocklebur and Feruga
      • Lobe arrives in town and wreaks havoc. Nuke detonated by Ameristani terrorists. Lobe escapes. Others find shelter.
    • Feruga trains in secret, with Candi teaching her every now and then how to be a backup Ciem.
    • Candi gets embarrassing side job.
    • Lobe attacks Amarillo along with Don the Psycho.
    • Don defeated. Candi and girls return to Houston; Jack and Jeral stay behind to stop Lobe.
    • Darius betrays the girls, framing them from trying to "steal" the Earwig armor.
    • Candi arrested, along with friends, for theft conspiracy.
    • Trial: Acquitted
    • Anders tries to kill Candi, but she escapes.
    • Battle with Musaran to save friends
    • 2-week special for collateral damage from fight with Musaran, plus kept as a political prisoner by Darius for refusing to keep quiet about Oisdaat raping Celia.
      • Visited by Marina, Michelle, and other Sodality members.
    • Encourages Celia to train to defend herself, not realizing how much Celia would take it to heart.
    • Meerkat and Mukade learn of Miranda's location, relay to Jack and Candi.
    • Darius assassinated by Milp.
    • Mukade and Meerkat help Sodality defeat Milp.
    • Lex lets Candi and Dolly out on probation.
    • Candi and Jack intercept transmission (which proves false), fail to locate Donte and Miranda's MPF chambers.
    • Candi and Jack elect to end their emotional affair.
    • Phaletori release Centhuen Warriors on Austin.
    • Sodality counter-offensive on Centhuen Warriors interrupted by Hebbleskin raid on Houston; agents of SCALLOP take over in Austin to keep Centhuens at bay.
    • Candi and Dolly smuggle themselves aboard Arfaas' doomsday ship to rescue Donte, wind up releasing Sapphire King too.
    • Dolly explains situation to Donte and Jordan while Candi battles Musaran in the streets.
    • Sodality Elites eventually all unite to stop Hebbleskin invasion; Hebbleskin forces pull back after doomsday ship and several troops destroyed.


Main article: Sodality: Determination

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Main article: Sodality: Augmentation

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Battle for Metheel

Main article: Sodality: Battle for Metheel

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Main article: Sodality: Instigation

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Centipede + 49

Main article: Sodality: Instigation

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Similar to other versions of the character, this Candi is cautious, reserved, and beta-dominant. She is a little cocky and snarky in Ciem: Inferno, having learned bad habits from Miriam. However, her compassion for Amirah humbles her significantly. Like with Comprehensive Candi, this one can be viscous if cornered and cruel if her friends and family are harmed. However, she prefers stealth and subduing her enemies to the more ruthless tactics of Dolly and her Earwig suit. Candi is a hopeless romantic, and dreams of a family with Donte quite often. She is very protective of her sisters, and feels frustrated when they end up in situations where she can do nothing for them. Cataclysmic Candi is more determined to see a job through to the end than her predecessors. She is also more determined and faithful to Donte. This is aided by the fact that Denny Levens doesn't exist in the same capacity in this version as in previous ones, thereby removing her #1 most effective distraction.

Her hypersexual disorder in previous versions is toned down this time. She and Donte only slip up with each other a few times before their wedding, as opposed to the constant issues they had in previous versions. In spite her impulse control issues and attraction to Jack, she only slips up and makes out with him while they touch inappropriately one time. She ends the affair the following morning, overcome with remorse. This is a slight difference from her previous incarnation, who was sleeping with Jack almost as many times as with Donte at one point. She is also somewhat clingy, but is not as obnoxious about it as in other versions. This Candi is more pragmatic, and can maintain her focus longer. She keeps to her small circle of friends, much like the other incarnations, not socializing much beyond that circle. She has self-confidence issues like the others, but is more composed overall in spite of them. She takes her godfather's advice very seriously, especially since he is one of the few father figures she has left when Stan is murdered. She is determined that, with Donte's help, her children will have a more stable environment to grow in than what she had.

Candi is also very bothered by her criminal record, yet she feels that there is little she can do about it; since the incidents leading to her being accused of more and more offenses are usually beyond her control. In spite this, she rarely ever resists arrest, and relies on her SCALLOP friends to find her suitable lawyers to either get her out of legal trouble or reduce her sentences to the bare minimum. She values her family perhaps more than any other member of the Sodality, which is a feat given that most of them are very family-centered.


Character version


"Living's Easy" photo reworked to show Candi pausing briefly at the docks before putting on her Ciem mask and springing into action. Candi portrayed by Denise "Xoxbabii-Nisee" from DeviantArt. Original photo here.

Personal character

After the elections in 2012, the Dozerfleet founder deemed a second Obama term as likely to destroy the US. The Ciem novel trilogy in Comprehensive Gerosha was deemed unlikely to happen in such a world, so Candi's entire timeline history was scrapped. Vigilante Centipede and its two planned sequel novels were relegated to the Canceled projects bin. It was decided that a new series would have to be pursued, one which re-imagined almost all the Gerosha characters whose lives are relevant to the years 2018 and beyond in an alternate history cautionary tale. Watchmen undertones would be inevitable. The template for Cataclysmic Candi was Comprehensive Candi, but a lot of the themes from that version were either toned down significantly or removed entirely. A lot of this was for practical reasons, as Comprehensive Candi's emphasis on her personal life often overshadowed the plot rather than serving it.

Another justification for simplifying components of Candi's life and personality came from the fact that a lot of time had passed since 90 Has No Secant was written. Working that old narrative into the new one would have produced numerous complications with continuity, so it was decided to make the Meshalutian Trilogy no longer canon. Without the Curse of Honeybee Samuel, Candi's struggles with self-control no longer had as much of a supernatural foundation. Therefore, her romantic life becomes a subplot in the series; rather than taking center stage like it did in previous versions. Her commitment to Donte is stronger, and she is more angered than in previous incarnations that anything should come between them.

Inspirations behind character and teammates

While still something of a main character for the first three seasons of Sodality, Candi is able to fade away from center stage by the fourth. She and her teammates are also dealt with like an ensemble. Therefore, other characters' backstories and personalities have a chance to be as relevant to the plot as her own. Candi was seen, in the Watchmen parallel, as being an analog of Spider-Girl. One major difference is that she's a centipede-themed character, worked to fit this specific narrative. This is viewed as being similar to how Rorschach was inspired by The Question and Mr. A.

Likewise, her teammate Jeral Cormier is most similar to the Ultimate Marvel version of Samuel Smithers. Donte's Emeraldon identity was likewise revised for this continuity. He is shorter, ages slower, and has a Peter Pan-style method of flight as opposed to his jet-like flight in previous versions. His appearance is modeled after that of Marvel's Meteor Man, though some have stated he looks a little like a Green Lantern. The Earwig suit is a typical powered armor, with the only downside being that the AI inside it that is supposed to enhance the wearer's knowledge of how to fight is a little psychotic. Dolly's struggle at first is figuring out how to operate the suit with the AI turned off, as it is even more bloodthirsty than she is. Her suit's bloodlust is inspired by O'Malley from Red vs. Blue. Her reckless demeanor without the AI makes her more similar to Tex from that same series. Jackrabbit's ability to leap and run is most similar to the original power set of Toad from X-Men, before that character gained a prehensile tongue.


In keeping with a push to make the Gerosha universe look more and more lifelike, Dozerfleet sought out a means to gain visuals for as many characters as possible that were as life-like as possible. The first major success in this was in the reinterpretation of Stung Hornet. Cataclysmic Ciem came next. While the Ciem suit itself has been realistically interpreted with MakeHuman 3D, a variation made with The Sims 3 is used to distinguish the look for this version from its similar design for Comprehensive Gerosha.

Candi's out-of-suit appearance in Sims 3 is almost a direct port of the Sim model used for Comprehensive Candi. For purposes of the image on the wiki above, a model was needed. The model and image originally supplied were modified from an original print by British/Indonesian modeling photographer Ardhana Galih Wicaksono, better known on DeviantArt as the artist Maleica. Success with Maleica inspired use of similar images, using his models, to interpret Miriam and Marina. Indonesian model Nanda Soebagio provided the general likeness template for the Flippo triplets, though other models that Ardhana knows have been used. On July 21st of 2013, model/photographer Denise "Xoxbabii-Nisee" at DeviantArt agreed to be featured as Candi or Miriam, if any of her photos proved adequate for those purposes. Implicitly, that also included Marina.

On Sunday, February 8th of 2015, DeviantArt model Lee Loo La agreed to let some of her images be modified. She is now considered to be the official face of all three of the Flippo triplets.

3D imaging

In keeping with much of the other concept art for Sodality, stereoscopic versions of images were implemented to show Candi's world off in ways that had not been attempted at Dozerfleet before. Other than a few one-off images, almost nothing in Stationery Voyagers had bothered with stepping into the challenge of 3D imaging. None of the previous versions of any Gerosha-related media had attempted stereoscopy either. Much of the push to making use of three dimensions for Sodality visuals, including Candi's concept artwork, were inspired by the success of making Blood Over Water 3D and a 3D music video of "Obama Ain't Got the Touch." Further encouragement came from leaked YouTube videos about the utilization of 3D in the pre-production process of Peter Jackson's version of The Hobbit.

Solo adventures

On July 29th of 2013, a proposal was made[2] on the Dozerfleet founder's DeviantArt journal which allowed for a contest among DeviantArt users to propose an additional novel/film/video game pitch for Ciem. This would allow the character outside of Centipede + 49 to once again feature in a solo performance without her Sodality teammates. This is the first time in the history of Dozerfleet Comics that a major character's potential expanded media was officially crowdsourced. The idea was later reworked as a possible entry for an Earwig story.

In October of 2015, Candi got Ciem: Inferno as a solo adventure pre-Sodality timeline, to show what she was capable of outside of the Sodality and to bridge the gap a little between Sodality and The Battle for Gerosha. However, Miriam's antics had a tendency to steal the spotlight, leading to a follow-up titled Sniperbadger: Fall of the Critter Resitance as a sequel to showcase Miriam's life as Sniperbadger and give Miriam a pre-Sodaity adventure.


  1. Healey, Karen, M.A. "Comparative Sex-Specific Body Mass Index in the Marvel Universe and the Real World." University of Canterbury-New Zealand. With help from: Johnson, Terry D., M.S. Department of Bioengineering at University of California - Berkely.
  2. BulldozerIvan (username). "You write Ciem's next adventure!" (article.) July 29th, 2013.


† Ironically, the intended Gerosha counterparts to Black Widow are Becky Ryba and Stung Hornet.

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