Camp Jellybean 2 is a short story that was released late in the year 2000, and was an immediate follow-up to Camp Jellybean.


The freshman and sophomores got to be tortured this time, as the juniors and seniors were killed off in the previous story. The story opens with a retcon, explaining in detail that Sgt. Jellybean didn't die. Kara only thought she killed him. In reality, she killed Private Poppyseed's clones. Hannah McCollar is the first to die after the teachers, being frozen and then shattered to pieces. Jordan Chaffee gets fed to a giant fish named "Humphry." Mary Alfaro melts. Billy Greiner gets turned into a spider, which is then stepped on by the other students who don't realize it's Billy. Steve was turned into a greenish blob, and ordered to eliminate anything labeled "purple elephant." Casey gets turned into a bomb, one which begins its countdown when Alaina complains that the situation "stinks." Ann Marie plots a way to save the group, but Steve misinterprets the instructions and eats her.

In order to save the group, Casey calls himself a purple elephant, thereby sacrificing himself as he is eaten by Steve and they both die. Alaina gets sucked into a vortex and vanishes, leaving Garet the only survivor. As he flees Camp Jellybean, he finds a way onto a greyhound bus. However, he becomes distressed when the lady he sits next to on the bus begins eating black jellybeans.


The story was not as well-received as its predecessor, especially since it was not part of a class assignment. That there was little build-up or denouement also hurt it. Ann Marie in particular took offense to how her death was portrayed. In spite poor reception, a sequel was spawned dubbed Camp Jellybean 3. This sequel was even-poorer received, and became the final installment in the Camp Jellybean trilogy.

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