The following describes an episode of Stationery Voyagers. For the sixth-season opener of House, see "Broken" (House) instead.

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"Broken" In this episode, Bluque puts his treachery into action, and Markerterion is torn between those loyal to Alhox and those loyal to Bluque. The Voyagers find themselves with a new ally in the form of Lord Abberwadd, who apologizes profusely to Rhodney for putting Melanie in harm's way. The trust between Alhox and his own empire is broken, and betrayal is everywhere.


Alhox discovers that roughly half of the RMM is now loyal to Bluque. Monigo helps Pinkata escape to Mantith and tells her to find the Voyagers. Alhox uncovers some documents that reveal his war injury from years ago, and his memory suddenly returns. He makes his way aboard a small ship, launching himself when no one may notice off to Mantith. Melanie helps Alhox escape. Abberwadd and the Teal Fleet are suddenly attacked by Silver Fleet vessels, while Bluque gives an announcement to his countrymen that Alhox has abdicated and given the empire to Bluque.

Soldiers and other diplomats alike begin arriving on Mantith, and retrieve data from the Voyagers. Much to their surprise, Abberwadd and company reveal that civil war has broken out on Markerterion and Alhox's plans for Statian annexation are on hold. He apologizes to Rhodney that Melanie is already on Markerterion and living a new life after receiving honorable discharge. A portion of the Muellex suddenly breaks off of the main body, and engulfs the entire world of Neothode. With Astrabolo's forces frozen in time, Prince Develiot decides that the time has come. He orders a bell to be rung, and the Mystery Wanderer hears it.


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