"Big Rapids Furniture's 2010 ad" is an advertisement aimed for release on the Ferris Access Channel on January 29th of 2010. It was produced by TVPR 499 students the K.A. and Frank Molner. Ads for Big Rapids Furniture are broadcast during commercial breaks for Ferris in Focus.


After a lengthy montage illustrating the building's exterior and a few items sold in the store, a narrator lists off the items sold while a slideshow of images tries to keep pace. The first non-exterior shot in said secondary sequence shows the various recliners that are for sale at the store. A large TV is shown next, to illustrate that a few electronics are also sold in the store. A bed is dissolved to afterward, to illustrate that bedsets are included in the store's inventory. Floor coverings are mentioned by the narrator, but not shown. The narrator next mentions "kitchen appliances," and one can see in the following image some refrigerators clearly resting against a wall. In the foreground, however, feature a multitude of laundry machines.

A zoom-out shot on a plant inside a vase on a table covers the narrator's pitch that BR Furniture is "the one-stop best place to shop retailer for all your furnishing needs." This cuts away to a still of several mattresses. A pan-right shot is dissolved to that shows the same recliners as before, but from a different angle. The ad finishes with one final sales pitch, then gives the store's location at 210 N. Michigan Ave. in Big Rapids.


Like most of the projects in TVPR 499, this project's soundtrack was produced by Kevin MacLeod of Some music was also used from Gene Michael Productions, which Ferris TDMP payed licensing fees to use.

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