Betsy Stanson is a minor supporting character in The Gerosha Chronicles of Dozerfleet Comics. She is an elderly woman living alone in the Dirbine/Evansville in Classic and Comprehensive Geroshas. She is an ally of Ciem, Andrew Tinsel, and Sandy Tinsel. She was to appear in Ciem 2, and concept art was made for her appearance to come in Ciem: Nuclear Crisis. When that entire plot was scrubbed out in favor of the Cataclysmic Gerosha series Sodality, Betsy was written out of continuity.

Character bio

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After an outing shopping, a rare event given the city is still recoiling from the Mik-Non and Capp Aard attacks, Andrew Tinsel and his daughter Sandy are being given a ride home by a woman named Betsy Stanson. Betsy found them wandering in the streets near her house, looking exhausted. Andrew briefly introduced himself, and she invited them in until they could establish themselves elsewhere. As they were heading back to Betsy's house, Ciem comes crashing onto the windshield of her car. She stops and gets out with the others, who see Aard make his escape. They can tell she's not feeling well, and just lost the battle. They throw her in the backseat, and take off immediately so that they can avoid too many questions being asked that would lead to police finding their new guest.

Betsy soon takes to nursing Candi back to health. Betsy is one of the faces to greet Candi as she awakens. What becomes of Besty after this remains unknown.


Betsy is portrayed to be at all times kind, generous, and nurturing. Little else is revealed about her, as she was never intended to be developed very far beyond "took in the Tinsels."


Betsy's development didn't begin until some time in 2008. It became clear that the Tinsels needed to go somewhere to go into hiding. And someone had to ensure that they found Ciem and took her in after her initially being defeated by Captain Aardwulf. Much of Betsy's mannerisms were modeled after the character of Oracle from the Matrix film series. However, Betsy rarely finds any use in lying to manipulate, a key difference. She seldom remains in focus for more than a few seconds, given she is a supporting role to a supporting role.

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