Bay 2 is the catch-all title for the official Dozerfleet website's backup website. By late October of 2008, the Free2Hoxt version of Bay 2 vanished from the web completely and without explanation.

Reason for Bay 2Edit

Bay 2 was adopted in September of 2008 by the Dozerfleet founder, as a place to host website files when My2Gig experienced downtime. That way, there was always at least one version of the Dozerfleet official website functioning at any one point in time.

Differences between Bays 1 and 2Edit

The main website (referred to as "Bay 1") was initially hosted at My2Gig, whereas Bay 2 was hosted on Free2Hoxt. Users of Bay 2 were advised to use a proxy, such as Privoxy, when viewing pages in order to cut down on the amount of adware that the site sent to them. This is because Free2Hoxt used adware on free accounts to pay its bills. My2Gig used a Google search bar and non-intrusive ads. Privoxy was not advertised on Bay 1, as the ads did not interfere with page functions. With Privoxy enabled, especially for Firefox users, Bay 2 yielded a cleaner render. Without Privoxy, Bay 1 yielded a cleaner render.

Eventually, both original hosts for Bays 1 and 2 vanished. In September of 2012, a new Bay 2 was declared at This way, it was awarded the title of "" Bay 1 was declared to be 000Host's subdomain "" While 000Host offers more restrictions on content, it offers a slightly more reliable user experience as well as more allotted storage space and bandwidth permission.

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