"Basket Campus Enforcement" is an episode of Ferris State Live, the 20th episode of the 2009-2010 season and seventh episode of the 2010 Spring Semester. It was produced on Monday, March 1st of 2010 by the Dozerfleet founder himself; and it was directed by TVPR 499 classmate Frank Molner.


Building a Better Campus


East Campus Apartments before (top) and after (bottom)

Mark Eichenberg, director of the Physical Plant at Ferris, came on to talk about various construction projects that had been started on campus. He opened by informing Leah that the Physical Plant is responsible for overseeing snow plow operations in the winter time and general grounds cleaning in the summer time, as well as doing building construction projects. Janitors in residence halls are also affiliated with Physical Plant operations, along with many other services on campus.

Scott and Mark then touch on how the best way to operate a Physical Plant-related project is to have staff be as "transparent" as possible in the process of maintenance. Scott even goes so far as to use a sports analogy: "If you see the official; he's doing a bad job." After briefly discussing efficiency of the plant's new technologies, focus shifted to the new East Campus Apartment Suites being constructed on campus.

Mark claimed that the construction was in an effort to provide some luxury living for students who can afford it, as well as to cut down on energy costs for the school given better insulation being installed. Leah inquired about interior construction as well as wireless Internet options for the new apartments, and Mark did his best to guide her through what he knew of that in spite there being no B-roll of interiors. (Students are generally not allowed to get that close to construction projects.)

Next, the group discussed the new Optometry Building, complete with details about its construction and narrowly avoid reminding viewers of a controversy surrounding a worker that died while operating a large crane. Leah finally thanked Mark for coming on, and then the first commercial break segued.

Ferris Law Enforcement Academy


A student gets advice from an officer.

In spite battling illness, Officer Joy Paquette arrived on the set for segment 2. Joy claimed that she was proud to have been a student at Ferris, and that Ferris has one of the best police academies in the country. Due to how it is structured, CJ students at Ferris are able to get their degrees a lot sooner than most CJ students at most campuses. Joy even encourages job shadowing for students interested in considering a law enforcement field.

Leah asked what women interested in the field should do, since the filed of law enforcement is predominantly male. Scott reminded viewers that he has a relative who is a cop. Joy also mentioned that her husband was a cop, just like her. Following up with that, Leah inserted a plug for the Ferris Police Memorial Ceremony, being held at May 11th of 2010 at 9:00 AM for fallen officers that had graduated from Ferris. (This is about the same time it was held the year before. [1]) Joy expanded that one officer that will be honored will be Jessica Wilson, who was ambushed while responding to a "noise complaint" on July 22nd of 2002.

Scott and Leah showed interest in the K9 unit, with Leah commenting that Ferris DPS more so than many other departments actually allows the public to meet their K9 unit up close. Joy also mentioned how hard Ferris' police work on improving their public relations, to let visitors to events know that "we're not the bad guys." Leah finally wrapped up by stating that Sandy would be on to talk sports after the commercial break.

Basketball wraps up


Ferris loses to Wayne State

Scott began talking to Sandy about the weather, as well as about how the Festival of the Arts wrapped up. Sandy commented that making such an event happen requires a lot of cooperation. In addition, Sandy brought up how subjective a lot of the "art" at the Festival of the Arts really was.

Concerning hockey, Sandy reminded Scott that Ferris looked forward to spring break as a chance to win back a lot of lost players, since rivalry games were upcoming.

During "Operation: Giveaway," the Men's Basketball game went on, with Ferris taking on Wayne State.[2] In spite a long and hard game however, Wayne State came out on top.

While Buffalo Wild Wings certificates were being given away, Sandy complained that he was too busy to collect his. He even joked that he needed to hire someone to find those sorts of giveaway items for him.


Copies of this episode were burned to a total of 11 DVDs, two of which were data discs and the rest of which were playable video discs. They were burned using a program called Avid DVD by Sonic, and this episode is unique for having animated buttons on the play menu options. One DVD was kept by the Dozerfleet founder himself for records and for show. One copy was made for Scott, one for Leah and another for Sandy, and a copy was made for Mark while another was made for Joy.

Three playable copies were made for Glen, per standard procedure. A data disc containing the local version was made for Steve Cox, while Glen made for himself a copy of the Fox version so that he could deliver it to Fox 32 in Cadillac. Fox version's MPEG file was used to make this article with, while the local version was used for making all playable discs.

"Show 20" aired on Fox 32 at 10:30 PM EST, as part of the Fox Local News programming block.


This episode was hailed for how well its final elements came together. The Dozerfleet founder, who produced the show, expressed regret that there was no time to touch on the Women's basketball game. Instructor Glen expressed mild frustration for some of the director's cues, and worry that it took so long to get confirmation from guests. Otherwise, the show was deemed a successful way to segue the show's schedule into spring break.

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