RIP Note: The following project has been destroyed. There is little to no hope it will ever again see the light of day.

Attack of the Pontiac Poachers was a short story written first in late 1995, for the Odyssey of the Mind competition of early 1996. It accompanied a skit that the Dozerfleet founder was the narrator for, one involving a duel-powered vehicle and two forest rangers protecting a "new species" from some poachers. The Holy Trinity group's performance was one of many, competing with several other schools for first place.


Initially winning the top spot for creativity, the group had points docked from its initial 93 points awarded. The first point docked was a point of contention, as there was a debate about the proper spelling of an item on the sign. The most points penalized were for the vehicle, as it was not found to be sufficiently "duel-powered" by technical definitions of the term. Due to those technicalities, 58 points were docked, and let to a net score of 35. Since two of the three competing schools scored just slightly higher than 35 after their (much-smaller) deductions, that put Team Holy Trinity in second-to-last. Last place went to a school that completed its "spontaneous," but which failed to come up with a skit.

Script censorshipEdit

The Solit-Bump, a fictional species created just for the skit, caused some controversy when its "scientific" name, the minoclitis, was accused of sounding too much like "clitoris." The Dozerfleet founder was offended at the time that someone would immediately attach a sexual connotation to what was supposed to be an original term.

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