Athlia Vanqushun was quite the opposite of her father. Unlike the pagan tyrant fascist she descended from, Athlia believed in spreading goodwill throughout the Mosquatlon Underground. She even decided to help an Aviatet friend of hers found a charity organization to end Aviatet poverty.

This enraged Varikton, as it undermined his hidden agenda. He had her arrested for treason and then decapitated with a solar guillotine. He used brutality and heavy propaganda to counteract public backlash against him offing his own seed. He then proceeded to begin slaughtering every Aviatet that had anything at all to do with the charity organization.

On the surface, Russalians found themselves in a violent Communist revolution. The Mosquatlon-Aviatet feud had been raging for about a century by this time; and the Aviatets were desperate for allies. Their leaders threw in their lot with the new Russalian government; and the war would rage on. For 157 years, Nationalist Socialist Mosquatlons would battle Communist Aviatets for supremacy in an ultimate underground cavern duel of evil versus evil; all instigated by the senseless murder of Althlia Vanqushun and her charity volunteers.

Alas, one of Varikton's biggest reasons for murdering Herephin and declaring Cindy an enemy of the state was her mild, superficial resemblance to Athlia.

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