"Apart-Eyed Monologues" is an episode of Ferris State Live produced by the spring 2010 TVPR 499 class at Ferris State University. Produced on March 15th and aired on March 18th of 2010, it is the eighth show of the spring semester of 2010 and the 21st episode of the 2009-2010 season overall.


Ladies' History Month

As Women's History Month made its way to the campus, committee member Andrea Beck-Jones came on to spill the beans concerning. She opened by referencing YBBW (You Beautiful Black Woman.) For readers who don't know, it's a gathering for all the black ladies on campus to get together and feel more important than everyone else. The 20th fashion show held by YBBW was upcoming.

Scott wondered if younger participants are reluctant. Andrea claimed that freshman are actually encouraged to "sit back and watch," then get involved later. Leah argued that since YBBW is a student organization, that a lot of students are involved anyway. She asked what ladies are going to feature for the month. Andrea mentioned that The Vagina Monologues were opening up on campus that year.

Some other small talk and chit-chat later, and they gave contact information to learn more about the Virtual Women Center.

They see a bright future

Michael Cron, Dean of the Michigan College of Optometry, arrived to talk about his optimism for the new optometry building. Pennock Hall was supposed to be a temporary facility; but it became home to the school's optometry clinic for 33 years. Nearly everyone was breathing sighs of relief to see a promise kept via the new building being erected. Amidst heavy breathing, Cron announced his amazement that Pennock Hall served its purpose so well in spite being little more than a converted dorm. In answer to Leah's question, the first class to ever graduate out of Pennock Hall was about 20-some students. Later, the program was accepting up to 36 students per year. Cron promised Leah that if the market allows, then a new building could lead to more recruits.

Scott wondered if the new facility would significantly upgrade students' access to state-of-the-art tech; and Cron claimed it was a goal. He did say a new low-vision rehabilitation center would be added to the program, along with a few other things over time. Students would also have more internship opportunities with a new building. He followed up that the school has a good reputation, so residencies for students are not difficult requests.

Port Sportsland

In Round 2 of the CCHA Playoffs, Bulldog Hockey got to host Nebraska-Omaha, which Scott claimed could be "a tough time." Sandy responded that it was two nationally-ranked teams facing each other, and it was "a good thing" to see the Bulldogs able to make a few goals. Making it to the Joe Louis arena was a good thing for the Bulldogs, but Sandy warned their work was "not done yet."

Sandy quickly changed subject to Women's History Month, stating that the school is very proud of its contributions to that. Naomi Tutu's visit to Ferris to talk about Apartheid also made for a large attendance at Ferris, leading to Sandy touching on it as an additional topic.

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