Angelina McClane is a music production alumna from the New York Institute of Technology. She was originally from the Detroit area, but has since moved away from there. She is also an alumna of Saginaw Valley State University and Ferris State University. On the Dozerfleet Web Network, she is best known for her role as playing Ashley Phillips in Blood Over Water. She was originally set to lend her likeness to the novel version of that character also, where she would have played a more troubled version of Ashley.

Personal life

Angelina was born and raised in the Detroit area, and grew a strong interest both in theater and in the criminal justice system. In 2009, she transferred from Saginaw Valley to Ferris State, considering either TV production or criminal justice as major options. She chose to pursue criminal justice after a rough first semester in TV production.

In late 2011, she left Ferris. She elected to continue her education at the New York Institute of Technology, from which she eventually graduated with a master's in music production.


During her time at Saginaw Valley, Angelina threw herself wholeheartedly into its theater program. She received minor roles in A Raisin in the Sun and A Woman Called Truth, as well as a few other plays.-->


She wanted to try her hand at doing theater at Ferris also, but discovered that the Ferris program only offered a minor. She then attempted TV production, to see if she could manage things from behind a camera as well as in front of one; and considered the possibility of pursuing a criminal justice degree. This latter degree, she had most of her prerequisites for already. Her first semester in television, however, proved difficult. Managing a TV practicum class, a photography introduction class, a video introduction class and more all at the same time proved to be too much new material to learn all at once. At one point, she objected to the idea that the practicum class didn't have any prerequisites; as other students in the class were assumed to have taken Video Production II and Studio Production prior. She pursued her criminal justice goals afterward, with little trouble.

TV Practicum class

Angelina's short-lived stint in Ferris' TDMP program no less proved to be an adventurous endeavor. While ideas were initially shared for her section of class to follow the other section's lead of doing social issue videos, the Wednesday night group simply would not stand to be redundant with another group. The two sections of class broke into groups called "Team White" and "Team Green," in keeping with the scheme for Fred Wyman's DVD production class divisions.

Under this set of provisions, Angelina's group was labeled "Team White" as a working title, until a better name could be given. Angelina herself struggled to come up with ideas, but was quick to sample ideas that others in class were willing to bounce around. She was at one point to be cast as Charlotte Duvarin for the Dozerfleet Studios program Mackley's Wardrobe, where she was to co-star with an R. Dakin & Co. hand puppet playing the role of Mutt Mackley. Other classmate Zach Foster was to be cast as her other best friend, George Phillips-Stareemly; who would be pejoratively referred to by Mackley as "GPS." She ultimately turned down the role, as she found it difficult to stay in character while interacting with a hand puppet and a cartoon voice.[1] Zach was not fond of "GPS" as a character either.

After her role in Mackley's Wardrobe dissipated, she was set to be a possible cameo character in a later production. The class turned its attention to Cassie Tilne's The Widower and the Conspiracy, which featured Cassie as a housewife that goes missing after the first episode. Zach would have played the distraught husband. Angelina's goal was to spend most of her time behind the camera, growing familiar with the particulars of life as a camera operator. She also wished to assist the Dozerfleet founder and Cassie in working on lighting and the creative side of things. However, Chris' popularity with Zach and Kyle ensured that Chris was able to hijack the primary creative responsibilities almost immediately.

Since the show's production schedule and mindset operated more like that of a motion picture, and Chris volunteered to be the director, he gained almost 95% total creative control, even over the producer and writer. Angelina was content, then, to be the one who churned out scripts. While determined to write good ones in the beginning, she became less concerned with quality when the boys doing most of the acting revealed that they had little interest in strictly adhering to her scripts.

She initially competed with the Dozerfleet founder for the primary writer role also, but got the part when it was decided that he would make a great villain for the show. Cassie's script soon had the gender roles reversed, with a third party not in the class cast as the husband that went missing and Cassie as the lead role wife. The gender-reversed version became known as The Widow and the Conspiracy, and was later renamed Kozerlen. Cassie turned down the premise for Kozerlen when she, like Angelina, decided against spending a lot of time in front of the camera. In Kozerlen, the Dozerfleet founder cast Angelina as an aggressive bully of a private investigator named Mindy Liptash. She revealed, however, that she wasn't comfortable playing Mindy's part.

Angelina was eventually cast as an unnamed Ice Mountain employee for The Twin Conspiracy, a working title for the class project. Zach was re-cast as the hero, and a digitally-generated twin of himself was the party that went "missing." The show would later be re-named Mountain of Cabal and then Bogged. It finally settled on Blood Over Water as an official title, and almost made it to syndication on the Ferris Access Channel. While she was going to be credited as the character "Sheila Shones," Angelina objected to the "ghetto" sound of that name. She opted instead for her character to be named "Ashley Phillips." With no other objections, that name was chosen for the character.

She portrayed Ashley with all the right steps to produce a character that was both seemingly benign, and yet, ominous. She hid in the shadows a lot, allowing for only a very few frames of her character to be reproducible as a production still. Her character is also one of three not referred to by name in the production itself. The other characters not referred to by name are Clyde Spendelworth and Kyle Tugrass. Angelina's version of Ashley is also notable as the only Sleet Mountain (what Ice Mountain was censored to) employee not shown to suffer any real consequences for her actions. Chris Kennal becomes a wanted fugitive, Kyle and George are dead, and Clyde gets sued. But Ashely vanishes without a trace and no sign of anything bad happening to her.


Main article: Blood Over Water (novel)

Angelina allowed, for promotional purposes on the Dozerfleet Web Network, for some images of hers to be used in reference to the novel version of Blood Over Water. A more vulnerable, more-troubled, and less-greedy incarnation of Ashley Phillips is portrayed in this version - one that becomes almost as much a victim of Chris and Clyde's ruthless betrayals as what Mark experiences. In addition to Angelina lending her likeness to the character once more, a Sims 3 and later Sims 4 avatar of the novel version of Ashley was created. This makes Angelina the second miniseries veteran to resume a role for the Blood Over Water franchise, after the Dozerfleet founder himself resumed the role of George Lawence for promotional photography.


Angelina is the real woman's alias, as some personal life issues have required her to hide her real name. She has also gone by other aliases here in the past, due to issues with past connections. It remains to be seen if she can ever again resume use of her real name.


  1. McClane, Angelina. "I can't do this with a hand puppet!" (in-class comment.) September 9th, 2009.

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