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"All That Remains" is the seventh episode of Stationery Voyagers. In this episode, the characters have overcome many of their initial trials. They are now scrambling together their dignity and resolve. It also explores the world in which Emperor Alhox lives in greater detail.


Marlack and company finally get his grandfather to safety, and the Mechie is revealed to be Stella-Marie. Stella-Marie gives Katrina information on Althorpe and Corphel Frank. Katrina relays that information to her superiors, who relay it to the appropriate departments and authorities.

With rebellions and famines breaking out on the one-world government of Markerterion, Alhox decides to investigate and find out how to pacify his world's problems. He also struggles with finding time for Pinkata and with remembering his past. Under pressure, he gives full executive control over the Imperial War to General Bluque Rentin.

Garret recovers from his hospital stay, much to Katrina's relief, but Will promises to remain in close contact in case they hear anything more about Glario.

Neone is revealed to have survived her escape attempt, having crossed a bridge on-podular into the enclave nation of Neomlot. She is found sleeping on the ground in a forest by Friar Rubberion, who takes her to his monastery for safekeeping.


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