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"All Falls Apart" is the sixth episode of season 4 of Stationery Voyagers and the 59th episode overall. In this episode, la-Qualda makes its last stand in an effort to destroy the city of Port Metaball once and for all. The entire nature of war has changed, and strange new alliances are formed as tensions escalate all over the universe.


Glario and Katrina Mantalone look out their window and see smoke rising from the neighbors' house. Glario takes a machine gun and goes to investigate; but he quickly heads back inside and tells Katrina to grab their child and run out the back. Althorpe and la-Qualda launch a full-fledged assault on Port Metaball, entirely unconcerned about how long they will last.

As Port Metaball is destroyed, the Mystery Wanderer isolates Pextel and Rhodney on Mantith. He informs them that the time has come to end the war, stating that overthrowing Bluque is the logical next step. He also states that he has a strategy; but needs the Voyagers to pull it off. Pextel, Rhodney, Cybomec, and Liquidon reluctantly agree to help the Wanderer out in spite sensing that they have every reason to not trust him.

Erasaxo objects; but his objection is overruled.

Jerry Frond offers to allow the remaining Voyagers to visit Antia again, with protection this time. However, he says he cannot offer to give them full-time residence. News of this immediately leaks, resulting in west coast riots as Crooked Rainbow sympathizers decide that they prefer anarchy to a republic that tolerates the Voyagers.

Just as the Bindaf 3000 launches for Markerterion with the Wanderer aboard, Neone complains she has a high fever and headache. Bulgie in Port Metaball tries to hold a speech after some of the violence goes down; only to find himself assassinated by a deranged gunman. Sheriff Dunitty tries unsuccessfully to blame everything on King Xanrixter, to deflect attention away from the sheriff's lack of willingness to supply men as security.


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