RIP Note: The following project has been destroyed. There is little to no hope it will ever again see the light of day.

Alien School is a short-lived series of stories and comic strips based on a play performed by the Dozerfleet founder's 5th grade class. The short skit behind it all took place inside the the gym of Holy Trinity Lutheran School on Burlingame Ave. in Wyoming, MI in 1994. It was performed around the same time as the sketches that inspired the short-lived comic strips Cavemen at School and The Airhead Beast Attacks.


Forced to go to school all the time, Shawn the Smarty Pants and Mack the Scardy Cat team up with Jan the Janitor to stop aliens from taking over their school. The pilot episode was to be the skit itself. Mrs. Body and Mr. Venius were the chief villains in the skit. The villains, as well as the principal proper and the female schoolteacher, were all played by the Dozerfleet founder and by fellow classmate Amanda Havens (the latter since married.)


  • Matt Leyer as Shawn the Smarty-Pants
  • Adam Schlomer as Mack the Scardy-Cat
  • David Stiefel as Mr. Venius / Principal
  • Amanda Havens (currently Amanda Siebold) as Mrs. Body / Schoolteacher
  • Mohammed Al-Eisa as Jan the Janitor


While Alien School was the most developed of the sketches by the class, it is doubtful on whether or not it was the class favorite.

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