The following is about the Season One finale of Stationery Voyagers. For the charity organization based in Texas from 2001-2008, see A Glimmer of Hope Foundation instead.

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"A Glimmering Hope" is the seventeenth episode of Stationery Voyagers and the season finale for Vocations. In this episode, the Voyagers are tested to their limits in their battle for survival against Cybomec. Meanwhile, a valuable new recruit is about to introduce himself to them—if he can get past Nabijab security long enough to do so.


Cybomec begins explaining his plans to a traumatized Neone, torturing her and Oceanoe while continuing to send death droids after the Voyagers. They begin channeling their faith and memories to find courage in the face of Cybomec and his droids.

The Eveninger decides to risk himself battling Cybomec when the Guard is distracted. With the Eveninger's help, the Voyagers are able to get close enough to power down the damaged Cybomec and remove his S-chip. The Eveninger dies from internal injuries after enduring several electrical jolts from Cybomec.

As backup Rilage personnel arrive, a funeral for the Voyagers' rescuer is arranged. In spite Neone's wishes, Eveninger's true identity is revealed.

Bluque's attack on Port Metaball ends in failure; and Lord Abberwadd suggests increasing focus on Whixtitout. Neone and Marlack begin discussing their feelings for each other along the hillside where the Eveninger is buried, when they have an encounter with a panicked and desperate Whixtitian.

Pinkella and Erasaxo finally get the distress signal decrypted, but it's too late. The Whixtitian attempts to warn the Voyagers of something important, but is assaulted and arrested by Nabijab police before he gets the chance. Neone resolves that the Voyagers must negotiate for his release if they wish to learn any useful information.


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