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"A Cry For Help" is the tenth episode of Stationery Voyagers. As the ruthless Astrabolo is revealed, the episode also explored the lengths Consto will go to in order to kill Neone before Pentacko does. Meanwhile, Leremins and Skidders team up to take out members of la-Qualda and execute a dangerous rescue mission.


Astrabolo is revealed, and he begins to strategize with his men what to do about the Save Neothode Program and the armies of Markerterion.

His profit motive for destroying Statios is mentioned, and he hints at wishing genocide for the inhabitants of Whixtitout. He does not initially gives his reasons when his minions ask, but does ask them to inquire what is holding up Althorpe from a full-scale attempt to destroy Port Metaball.

Bluque, under advice from the Mystery Wanderer, begins sending ships towards Statios at an increasing rate, plotting an attack on Port Metaball first.

Glario Mochsund infiltrates a la-Qualda camp and begins surveying ways to rescue King Xanrixter's missing son, Prince Thrix. He relays his intentions to Katrina, who then informs Garret. Garret warns Katrina to keep her distance, instead assigning her to investigate a lead on Corphel Frank. Ribando congratulates the Voyagers on completing their training, and gives them a final blessing before launch day.

Neone, now fully integrated into the Rilage Space Center, is under constant police supervision. She is informed of the Voyagers, and told that she has been reassigned to join their number.

A Statian with nothing to lose has offered to replace her, arriving separately from the Voyagers. As Pentacko's men go on a rampage in the streets in pursuit of Neone, Cybomec begins confronting and killing them. He then proceeds to kill most of Pentacko's prostitutes in the vain hopes that one of them will lead him to Neone.


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