"125 Obsessions" is an episode of Ferris State Live produced by the spring 2010 TVPR 499 class at Ferris State University. Produced on April 26th and aired on April 29th of 2010, it is the fourteenth show of the spring semester of 2010 and the 27th and final episode of the 2009-2010 season overall.


The 125 will not die

First guests to appear were John and Mary Kay. Discussing the continuing 125th anniversary celebration at Ferris, Mary Kay mentioned Readers' Theater. The 125th Band performed that same evening. Mary Kay goes on to discuss The First 125 Years, a book about Ferris' history that she helped compile. She also brought up a sculpture being donated by Festival of the Arts, and a reception set for June in which the Michigan College of Optometry was involved. Mary Kay also brought up a time capsule. She padded the length of her discussions as much as possible, before Leah was forced to wrap up the segment. As the segment ended, the 125th Band played.

Cross-country by an Ocean

Tina Muir, a British exchange student on Ferris' cross-country track team, came on the show to talk about her life in the cross-country program. Leah clarified for viewers that Tina was from St. Albans, England. She inquired how Tina found the school. She explained how a Ferris coach contacted one of her coaches in England, and everything panned out.

Tina explained that adapting to life in Big Rapids wasn't completely difficult, since modern British and American cinematic tastes are similar. She goes on to discuss her major: Leisure Recreation Leadership. Leah inquired what advice Tina would give future exchange students; and she answered that Brits should be prepared to adapt to the cold weather and heavy snowfall typical in Big Rapids during the winter.

She went on to talk about her coach at Ferris encouraging her forward in track. Afterward, Scott wondered what things are like for her parents while she is away. She responded that she gets packages and sends packages to them now and then; and also mentioned how she enjoyed the Meijer store's Ethnic Foods aisle, since it had a small British section.

Wrapping up 125 during the Big Fat Event

Scott and Sandy began by talking about Ferris Fest, and wished that nature would cooperate more. Sandy commented that he was proud to see the student body "take ownership" of the event. Just as MLK Day is MLK Week at Ferris, as stated by Sandy in episode 14, so also Earth Day at Ferris is actually and Earth Week.

The two follow that up by talking about the Big Event Track and Field. Sandy, in particular, comments on the market/economic value of such an event on Big Rapids. They finish by talking about the GLIAC tournaments and by thanking the crew for a great season.

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